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The days of lame corporate headshots and stuffy business portraits are long gone!  In today’s fast paced, always on 24/7, social media driven world, your photograph is your first impression.
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Your Corporate Headshot

Display Professionalism

In today’s competitive corporate environment, clients want to see the faces of the people they will put their trust in. Having a unique and creative corporate headshot is essential.

I create professional business headshots with the right amount of personality to inspire connections and make people want to meet and work with you.

Photographing your entire team at your place of business, your photo session can be shot from the shoulders up, on a solid color, white, grey or black background with custom lighting to produce a clean, modern image tailored to the branding style for your whole company.


Your Environmental Business Portrait

Build Your Personal Brand

Your business portrait is your introduction to the public. It’s your way to display confidence in your work and brand. I create professional portraits with personality for business professionals, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, journalists, brokers, students, artists, musicians, writers, and scientists.

Business portraits are more than a headshot - sessions are designed to tell the viewer more about you. Your business portrait tells a story about your skills and profession. These sessions are longer and can be crafted into something more creative. Location is always important: it helps show your profession – office, restaurant, hospital, construction site, warehouse sites, etc. 

For larger businesses, an on-site company portrait session will create a consistent look needed for your company's website and advertising needs.  Also, it is a great option for your entire staff at meetings or trade shows. Your session can be held within my lifestyle studio setting or your business location.

Your LinkedIn Profile Photo

Inspire To Connect

It’s crucial to have a LinkedIn profile portrait exert professionalism and confidence in order for people to take you seriously.

I create professional headshots with the right amount of personality to inspire connections and have people want to meet and work with you.

You’re welcome to photograph within my lifestyle studio setting or your location of choice. Full photo retouching and photoshop editing is included.

Your Bio / Press Release / Media Kit Photo

Showcase Your Personality

When you’re developing your press release or media kit, don’t overlook a professional business headshot. Your bio portrait is your introduction to the public.

The quickest way to please a blogger, journalist, or investor is with an engaging and creative portrait of you.   Don’t miss the opportunity in making a trustworthy impression.


Personable New Jersey Headshots & Business Portraits

Authenticity on-line is at the heart of success. I offer natural feeling business headshot photography. I believe a portrait does not need to be dramatic or glamorous to be compelling.

No one likes having their portrait taken, I hear it all the time.  Allow me to help you brand and compete in today's marketplace with engaging corporate business portraits.

I will evoke a stress-free experience and capture your authentic emotion, so you can display an approachable image for your business. Even if you think it's not possible.

Four Qualities I’ll Work Into Your Business Photographs

1. Show what you look like on a great day
2. Express an aspect of your natural personality  
3. Engaging, so people feel you’re approachable
4. Magazine quality photo retouching & editing

I Make Camera Time Painless

If you are like 90% of my clients, you hate having your picture taken.  I photograph hundreds of business professionals a year. Only a handful of my clients are excited to have a new headshot. It may not be easy to convince you that you’re going to like your photo, but you will.

My best quality as a portrait photographer is making you feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera, especially when you really don’t want your photo taken. My photo sessions are full of jokes, laughs, banter, etc. My outgoing personality and passion allow me to nail a fantastic photo of you and your team so you can market yourself and make money. 

My professional opinion: if a portrait photographer has no personality, there is no way they can pull expressions out of their clients.

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