Years Experience

Hi. I’m Chris Lo Bue. I’m a photographer, and I like to create.

I’ve spent most of my professional life as a business photographer specializing in commercial advertising and corporate editorial imagery, specializing in architecture, industrial environments, teams in action, business portraiture, and corporate events.

I help businesses and brands with engaging storytelling photography, showcasing their expertise, operations, teams, and abilities for their websites and marketing collateral.

In 1996, I started my business out of a desire for creativity fueled by experiences. I’m fascinated by people and processes, ambition and development, design, and entrepreneurship. Along the way, I’ve worked with over 300 large and small local and global businesses across the US, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean to help tell their story to their audience.


I am deeply curious, a forward thinker, and a self-starter.

Bridging the gap between reality and conceptual, I push myself to convey a feeling beyond the obvious in front of me.

I have a natural love for storytelling, and I often play the role of art director, designer, and brand strategist during a shoot.

Showing clients what's possible in creating a photo never gets old, and I thrive in chaos.

Skill Set

My technical knowledge is self-taught and founded on many years (and countless hours) of perfecting my craft.

Inspired by color, art, and architecture, I let my imagination run wild and tend to do something about it, which is why I love photography so much. I am a direct communicator and natural leader while making sure everyone has a good time on set.

With an adventurous spirit, I do what it takes to deliver an exceptional product that furthers my clients’ goals. I love it during a shoot when clients say, 'Chris, you have the eye for this'; my reply is, 'actually, I have two.' :)


I try to spend my days outside as often as possible.

When not behind a camera, you can find me fixing something, landscaping, working on my three-pointer, reading a new business book, trend-following stock trades, refurbishing my home, enjoying downtime on the beach—or catching a formula one or drag race.

Sometimes it feels like I don’t have enough time to see all the places I want to see or books I want to read, though I sure try!

If I could request a superpower, it would be not to need sleep.

Chris Lo Bue setting up a NJ branding photoshootChris Lo Bue standing on water storage tanks during an industrial photoshootChris Lo Bue taking a break on NJ business video shoot in slab warehouseChris Lo Bue Photography on the streets of New YorkChris Lo Bue Photography, on break during a commercial photoshoot in New Jersey with 69 corvetteChris Lo Bue Photography on photoshoot in Ellis Island Chris Lo Bue photographing the pool at American DreamChris Lo Bue on location in Jamaica during a corporate photoshootChris Lo Bue photographing the rail yard in Jersey City during an industrial photoshoot.Chris Lo Bue photographing on a catwalk during an industrial photoshoot.Chris Lo Bue on break during a construction photoshoot in a rock quarryChris Lo Bue on break during a corporate photoshoot in cosmetics laboratory

How can I help you?

Whether you have a project to pursue or a question, let’s start a conversation.

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Creative Offerings
A wide range of photography across use cases and industries
Industrial Photography - Steel Workers
Manufacturing, research, and industrial facility photography. Documenting workers, technology, and processes of business.
Website - Branding Photography
Business branding, website photography, and online marketing content. Commercial photography, promoting business experience.
Contemporary NJ Corporate Headshot
Business Portrait and corporate headshot photography. On-location corporate business branding photo sessions for executives and teams.
Business Photography - Medical Lab Tech
Business workplace photography. Laboratories, offices, and facilities. Humanizing businesses, employee engagement, and corporate culture.
Dramatic Architectural Photography - Las Vegas Aria
Architectural photography of businesses, retail spaces, manufacturing facilities. Interior photography of offices laboratories, open floorplan design.
Corporate Event Photography - Mark Cuban
Vivid storytelling business event photography. Corporate events, sales kickoffs, product launches, branding, promotional events, and trade shows.