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C-suite executives
NJ professional business photographer Chris Lo Bue photographing headshots
Headshot close up portrait of confident mature good looking middle age leader, CEO male businessman on blur office background. Executive business man smiling at camera.Happy confident business leader, successful professional businesswoman crossing arms looking at camera posing against grey background smiling for close up headshot portraitHappy confident female executive, in black dress, successful professional businesswomen looking at camera posing in front of black backdrop for close up headshot portraitHeadshot close-up portrait of confident female business women blurred office background, smiling at cameraHeadshot close up portrait of confident mature good looking middle-age leader, CEO male businessman on blurred grey background. Executive businessman in black business suit with glasses.Close-up portrait, professional executive, confident man in blue suit, leaning over desk, smiling, office background. Positive human emotions.
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Headshot portrait, confident business man in blue sweater crossing his arms, smiling, blurred grey background. Positive human emotions.Casually dressed headshot of business man in black shirt and jacket, blurred grey background. Positive human emotions.Headshot portrait of confident mature leader, businesswoman on blurred blue background.Business women headshot portrait inside office with blurred windows, smiling at camera with hands on hips

Life is a photo contest, and you're losing if you're not showing your best self

Let me be your team's guide on this journey of self-expression.

Quickly navigating through everyone's complexities and authentically revealing their personality and demeanor is my specialty.

Business women headshot portrait against black background, smiling at camera with hands in her lapHappy confident business woman crossing arms looking at camera posing against white background smiling for close up headshot portraitHappy businesswoman looking at camera posing against tan background smiling for close up headshot portraitCorporate executive team member of a businessman looking at camera posing against white background smiling for close up headshot portrait with glasses

Be the Hero of Your Office

Unleash everyone's Photogenic Potential!

No one should live believing they look bad in pictures.

With over two decades of capturing moments, Ispecialize in reshaping perceptions for those who've doubted their photogenic potential.

When your team genuinely likes how they look,it's more than a fleeting feel-good moment—it's a tangible shift in how they are perceived.

Retouching Magic

Stray hair
Eyeglass glare
Crows feet
Teeth whitening
Smile lines
Oily skin
Bags under Eyes
Clothing wrinkles

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Creative Offerings
A wide range of photography across use cases and industries
Industrial Photography - Steel Workers
Manufacturing, research, and industrial facility photography. Documenting workers, technology, and processes of business.
Website - Branding Photography
Business branding, website photography, and online marketing content. Commercial photography, promoting business experience.
Contemporary NJ Corporate Headshot
Business Portrait and corporate headshot photography. On-location corporate business branding photo sessions for executives and teams.
Business Photography - Medical Lab Tech
Business workplace photography. Laboratories, offices, and facilities. Humanizing businesses, employee engagement, and corporate culture.
Dramatic Architectural Photography - Las Vegas Aria
Architectural photography of businesses, retail spaces, manufacturing facilities. Interior photography of offices laboratories, open floorplan design.
Corporate Event Photography - Mark Cuban
Vivid storytelling business event photography. Corporate events, sales kickoffs, product launches, branding, promotional events, and trade shows.