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Event photographs provide a lasting impression. They can portray of optimism, highlight accomplishments, set goals, and showcase a company's strong presence in the market. Unappealing photos that miss the marketing potential and message behind an event are costly missed opportunities.

Saving your mental energy, confidently knowing that important photo moments will not missed, having exciting photos to share, and professionalism upheld around your attendees and clients are invaluable on busy show days.  

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NJ professional event photographer Chris Lo Bue behind stage

New Jersey Corporate Event Photography

I offer vivid corporate event photography. I believe in documenting events in a dramatic and glamorous way to compel people not to miss your next event!

If you are looking for storytelling event photographs to market and brand your company, let me help you. I will evoke a stress-free experience and capture authentic emotion so that you can display engaging imagery for your business and branding needs.

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Creative Offerings
A wide range of photography across use cases and industries
Industrial Photography - Steel Workers
Manufacturing, research, and industrial facility photography. Documenting workers, technology, and processes of business.
Website - Branding Photography
Business branding, website photography, and online marketing content. Commercial photography, promoting business experience.
Contemporary NJ Corporate Headshot
Business Portrait and corporate headshot photography. On-location corporate business branding photo sessions for executives and teams.
Business Photography - Medical Lab Tech
Business workplace photography. Laboratories, offices, and facilities. Humanizing businesses, employee engagement, and corporate culture.
Dramatic Architectural Photography - Las Vegas Aria
Architectural photography of businesses, retail spaces, manufacturing facilities. Interior photography of offices laboratories, open floorplan design.
Corporate Event Photography - Mark Cuban
Vivid storytelling business event photography. Corporate events, sales kickoffs, product launches, branding, promotional events, and trade shows.